1.1 We recommend the following precautions to help keep Your private information secure:

  1. Never share Your online account;
  2. Do not use the same password for more than one account;
  3. Do not divulge personal information about Your account, including passwords, to anyone – even people who claim to be from customer service or security;
  4. Do not write down Your password or save it on Your computer;
  5. Do not send Your password to anyone or communicate it by telephone, email or instant messaging;
  6. Do not leave Your computer unattended while logged into Your Account;
  7. Change passwords regularly, especially when there is any possibility that they may have been compromised;
  8. Do not use the same passwords for Your operation systems and software/accounts passwords;
  9. To make a secure password, make it alpha-numeric;
  10. Make Your password as random as possible, but easy for You to remember;
  11. Keep Your anti-virus software up-to-date;
  12. Make sure Your firewall is secure;
  13. Avoid logging in to Your TristanClub Account on public computers – e.g. libraries, internet cafes, etc.; and
  14. Always keep Your OS, browser, and plugins up-to-date.

1.2 In choosing a safe password, We recommend that You:

  1. Use both upper and lowercase letters and try to include at least one number;
  2. Use at least one special character;
  3. Use passwords with a minimum of 8 characters;
  4. Do not use obvious words or Your personal user information such as Your first or last name;
  5. Do not use passwords that match the format of Your birthday, telephone numbers, or other common numbers people may be able to guess; and
  6. Do not use a password that reflects Your username in any way.